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The Ball

 The Futsal Ball

The futsal ball is a low-bounce ball that is smaller than a normal outdoor soccer ball and feels heavier.

The futsal ball’s properties are specifically designed to develop skills. When a futsal ball is received via a good pass, it virtually “sticks to the foot.”

This builds great confidence in tight spaces when rapid passes are being issued repeatedly. Interestingly, that same property which makes the ball easy to receive makes it more difficult to strike. A futsal ball gradually eliminates the ’lazy pass’.

Players rapidly get acquainted with the merits of bending the knee, turning the hips, and striking the ball f81473-org.JPGirmly to propel it. Repeated touches on the ball eventually produce a motion which, when transplanted outdoors with a high bounce ball, translates into a firmer and proportionately longer pass appropriate for the big field.

Many programs around the world also claim that smaller size encourages more precise striking of the ’sweet spot’ of the ball. If one works during the off-season on striking a futsal ball, then a larger bouncier ball is struck with greater confidence and authority in the outdoor game.

Recommended Ball Size by Age

  • U9 Select Futsal Talento 9
  • U11 Select Futsal Talento 11 or Futsal Junior
  • U13+ Futsal Senior

*Futsal Jinga Turf is to play on Turf as its name says no for smooth surface.


Florida Futsal Association uses Select Futsal Balls.

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