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Naples Futsal offers four seasons during the calendar year. Games are between (6-10 weeks) depending on teams registration.

FAQ Questions
Who can sign up a team?

Both coaches, and parents can sign up a team. You must to have a US Youth Futsal background check and your safe sport done or need to update in order to coach a team in the league. After you register your team you and your team manager will received an email with the step that you need to follow.

How many players can my team have?
Futsal is a 5v5 game. There are 4 field players + goalkeper. There are no limit to register in a team but we recommed up to 8 players. So everyone have more opportunity to play.

How much is the team registration fee?
It is $400 per team up to 8 players. Additional player will be $50.

Is there a referee fees?
Yes, the referees fees are $40 per team per game. We will have two FIFA Futsal referees in each game + a Time Keeper.

How many games a team will play?
Each team will play between 6-8 games per season.

How many season do we have a year?
We run four (4) seasons a year. Dates can vary.

  • Winter Season
    • Date: February 3rd, 2024 to March 16th, 2024
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    • Youth Registration
    • Adult Registration
  • Spring Season
    • Date: May 4th, 2024 to June 29th, 2024
    • Information
    • Youth Registration
    • Adult Registration
  • Summer Season
    • Date: July 6th, 2024 to August 17th,  2024
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    • Youth Registration
    • Adult Registration
  • Fall Season
    • Date: September 7th, 2024 to November 23th, 2024
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    • Youth Registration
    • Adult Registration

Do you play with FIFA Rules?
Yes, we do with some exeptions. U12 and younger play with a modified rules accepted by FIFA.
Ball– The U12 and younger play with a smaller futsal ball Size 3.
Time– All the divisions players two (2) halves of twenty (20) minutes, running clock.
Goalkeeper– U12 and younger GK can not send the ball over the half line on a live ball or ball clearence. We want the players to improve their skills learning how to build out from the back. Not punk the ball at any time.

Where Can I find the FIFA Rules updated?
You can follow these links to find the 2023/24 in English or Spanish.

Why Naples Futsal uses Senda Balls for official games?
We use Senda Balls because is the official US Youth Futsal Ball. So our players get use to the ball when compiting in regionals, national or Identifications camps.

Do you use FIFA Futsal Certified Referees?
Yes, We use FIFA Futsal Certified referees by US Soccer. Each year our referees need to renew their license, update with the new changes to the law of game and pass the test.

Do you have insurance for the players?
Yes, we do. Naples Futsal is affiliated with US Youth Futsal for the youth and with Florida Adult Soccer Association for the adults.

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